1to1 Rehab is committed to excellence and continuous improvement. We value the special expertise of our rehabilitation service providers in providing quality treatment for clients.

1to1 Rehab endeavours to attract and maintain therapists with experience and clinical excellence and we have an educational plan which fosters quality service provision. We pursue ongoing education opportunities and clinical mentoring.

1to1 Rehab is actively involved in developing new methodology and treatment for physical, functional, sensory and communication disorders. We emphasize community based therapy, and equal opportunity access to excellent quality service.

We strive to attract experienced service providers that are able to respond to community needs for the variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds and by offering services in a number of languages.

Our therapists actively advocate for their clients’ needs. We have developed a Client Service Policies and Procedures document that includes a clients’ bill of rights, client consents, and addresses multicultural and multilingual services. Through their clients and families and other community associations, 1to1 has extensive links with community advocacy groups.

1to1 Rehab ‘s treatment is based on specific goals for the individual client and progress is tracked to give measured outcomes.

We have developed a comprehensive risk management program that address the identification, reduction and elimination of risks for clients and service providers. Our service providers are given education support for risk identification and reduction and actively work to reduce the risks that their clients face while maintaining the strictest respect for our comprehensive policies and procedures dealing with privacy, consents and confidentiality, written and verbal reports and complaints.

Ensuring Quality Care

1to1 Rehab is committed to quality care for clients. 1to1 continually analyzes data and makes quality improvements for achieving goals and objectives for client care services, professional standards, administrative and financial efficiency, risk management, technological support, and collaboration with community partners.


1to1 Rehab promotes teaching in rehabilitation. We have an affiliation with several Universities for student clinical placements including the University of Toronto Masters of Health Speech Language Pathology, University of Western Ontario, State University of New York Fredonia College Masters of Speech Language Pathology, Nova Southeastern University (Florida), Ithaca College Master of Science Speech Language Pathology, and Georgian College for Communication Disorders Assistant Programs.

Physiotherapists and occupational therapists contracting with 1to1 have also taken students from University of Toronto and other universities.