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1to1 Rehab is a nationally accredited service provider with Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Registered Dietitians and Rehab Assistants providing therapy services in the community, homes, hospitals, long-term care homes, public and private schools in the Greater Toronto area.

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Speech Therapy

1to1 Rehab has a core strength in Speech Language Pathology. 1to1 expanded this niche area of rehabilitation services with collaboration and integration…


1to1’s Physiotherapists can assist with improving functional independence, gross motor development, prevention and management of pain, prevention of…

Occupational Therapy

1to1’s Occupational Therapists offer assessment and intervention for functional activities and adaptation for self-care, productivity and leisure.…

Dietitian Services

1to1 Dietitians work collaboratively with team members to support and regulate nutrition for medically and physically compromised individuals.


Career Opportunities

People are always hoping to find their ideal job at the right company. 1to1 values each of their employees and subcontractors and aims to provide a supportive work environment where people can express themselves, take risks and succeed.

Community Partners

1to1 Rehab partners with Clinics, Long Term Care Facilities, Retirement Homes, Group Homes, Schools, Primary Care and Community Programs for cost effective innovative therapy programs. 1to1 Rehab addresses gaps in rehabilitation service, planning for clinical excellence and integrated care.

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