People are always hoping to find their ideal job at the right company. 1to1 values each of their employees and subcontractors and aims to provide a supportive work environment where people can express themselves, take risks and succeed.

Due to the nature of our business and the fact that most of our therapists work in the community, we place a great emphasis on ensuring that each therapist feels supported and knows how to achieve their goals. Therapists are grouped in teams, with mentors who are always willing to help and guide when needed. Stephanie Hayes, CEO, offers a mentoring program to all new Speech graduates to help get them up and going in the field with confidence.  Our administrative staff works with our therapists to provide them with support in a wide range of areas including, billing, scheduling, paperwork and resources to name a few. This coupled with monthly team meetings, semi-annual all staff and clinician meetings, emails and phone calls ensures that therapists are up to date with what is happening at 1to1 and allows everyone to feel like a part of the team.

Our administrative team has numerous team building events throughout the year to ensure that everyone regardless of what location they work out of, knows the people throughout the company. We feel that working together for the collective goal of the company can only be achieved when employees feel comfortable with their peers, management and their roles. Our open door policy allows new innovative ideas to come to fruition and is really what helps set 1to1 apart.

Opportunities with 1to1 Rehab: